Artisanal skills and a passion for design

Design freedom and passion for creating: Madea Milano takes the typical elements of tradition and re-invents them, revisiting materials such as methacrylate with new matches. Design that glances at the past and takes it into the future, combining modern processes with the unique value of handicraft.

From tradition to modernity

The starting point of Madea Milano design is to give new value to methacrylate, a widely used yet weak-tempered material. The revolution brought about by Madea Milano starts with the idea of "handmade plastic": the manual contribution to the creation of each product, just like the use of traditional working techniques, makes every piece unique and valuable.

matches of materials
and techniques

Methacrylate, marble, texture and fabric seem to belong to different worlds, bound to never meet: Madea Milano has found the way to gracefully mix them within its furnishing accessories, giving new value to apparently heterogeneous matches. One of a kind, Madea Milano keeps reinventing the elements of its design, exploring new and unprecedented contexts.

distinctive mark

unique colours

Madea Milano's furniture colours are not like any colour: they result from accurate studies, carried out to highlight the features of each piece, following an irreverent Pop spirit. But that's not all: all colours are exclusive, a real mark of the Madea design. This is what being unique truly means.


Made(a) Milano, within the throbbing heart of Italian design: Madea Milano furniture takes shape in a context full of ideas and flurry of activity and is wholly made in Italy. A guarantee that speaks for itself.

Our vision

To create a meeting point between craftwork and ambitions of a design style that writes its dynamics anew.