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precious bond

time and memories

An object that talks about memories and tradition, and at the same time makes them valuable thanks to the million reflections created by the mirror within the clock. A chameleonic object that enhances and refines any context.


neapolitan suggestions

the warmth of home

Suitable for any room, Memory recalls Neapolitan suggestions. Everyday moments, the warmth of home and of a lively and welcoming land: all in one traditional object, revised under a contemporary light.

traditions, today

between past and present

At the basis of these pieces we find a modern translation of the traditional elements of the Neapolitan manufacture. The clocks take on a nostalgic feel, yet very high-spirited. A bridge between past and present, tradition and modernity.

modernized tradition


Transparent square box with a clock face in mirror plate. The surface is engraved with a stylized texture inspired by the ceramic tiles of the Neapolitan tradition. The clock is available in Big and Small in the following colours: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Anthracite Grey.



Memory big
Memory big
Memory small
Memory small