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geometric perfection

sculpting light

The idea was to sculpt light as if it was solid material, combining its softness with a geometric and sharp-edged design.


intense tones

unique colours

The colours by Madea Milano envelop and liven up the context, perfectly suited to any room. This lamp, with its strong decorative character, is perfect to create elegant and scenic atmospheres.

like a diamond

precious light

Like a diamond, the Kate lamp creates a unique game of refractions. In order to create this lamp's scenic effect, Madea Milano designers have studied a special material that uniformly diffuses light on one side, and enhances angle reflections on the other.


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elegance of shapes


Two transparent methacrylate legs support a lampshade in bi-cast methacrylate. All parts are hand-glued with extreme precision. The diamond-tool finish enhances the transparency of the material. Available in Big and Small in 5 colours: yellow ochre, redcurrant, petrol blue, green and white.

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Kate big
Kate big
Kate small
Kate small