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memphis inspiration

geometries of light

Combining pop suggestions with the characterizing geometries of Madea Milano's design, while the iconic graphic sign turns three-dimensional: this was the challenge for Pop, where two shapes join flawlessly between the illuminating body and its support.



inspired by the 80s

italian design

No doubt, the inspiration for this composition comes from the Made in Italy design of the 80s, bursting with saturated and intriguing colours. The result is not only a lamp, but an icon that, with its presence, gives an entire room new character.

hand bending

artisanal perfection

Pop is where innovation meets tradition: the wooden mould, a classic artisanal tool, shapes an ultra-modern plastic material. As a result, the base flows smoothly into the delicate curve of the lampshade.


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a dialogue of shapes


Two transparent methacrylate legs support a lampshade in bi-cast methacrylate. The hand-made lampshade, accurate in all details, flows smoothly into the base. The diamond-tool finish enhances the transparency of the material. Pop is available in Big and Small in 5 colours: lemon yellow, warm red, petrol blue, mint green and white.



Pop big
Pop big
Pop small
Pop small