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Chiara Glasses

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transparencies on the table

special toast

With Chiara Glasses, you can create plays of light and colors on your table: whether you opt for a single shade or decide to alternate, the result will be amazing and each toast will mark a unique moment.

add some color to your style

wine and water

Contemporary lifestyle requires design products, beautiful to look at, easy to use, never trivial, never giving up elegance. This way, the table also is renewed in its shapes and materials, such as polycarbonate, in soft and original colors.

the madea brand

made in italy guarantee

Each glass of the Chiara Glasses line shows our Madea Milano brand and the Made in Italy guarantee mark, so you will be sure you are bringing to your table the excellence and quality of the best Italian design, giving life to a modern and refined lay that is suitable for all occasion.

design to drink

Chiara Glasses

Pair of water glass and wine chalice made of polycarbonate, available in transparent, blue, pink and fumé colors. Marked on the bottom  Madea Milano and Made in Italy.