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Chiara Plates

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the design that enhances the table

the color of taste

A table with a contemporary flavor, able to combine materials and innovative processes with suggestions coming from tradition. With Chiara Plates every mise en place becomes a refined spectacle of colors and transparencies. 

a complete line

From the elegant plate to the dessert plate with its soft and inviting shapes, passing through the dish and flat plate, the Chiara Plates collection presents a complete range of products, ideal for any occasion.

elegant textures

between tradition and modernity

Madea Milano design loves to find the perfect union between contemporaneity and tradition. In Chiara Plates, an innovative material such as polycarbonate meets a texture created in photoengraving with a sophisticated design that recalls the classical world.

contemporary mise en place

Chiara Plates

Table set composed of the plate, flat dish, deep dish, dessert dish, available in transparent, blue, pink and fumé colors. Made of polycarbonate with internal photoengraving texture.
Marked Madea Milano Made in Italy