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like architecture

shapes and reflections

The striking presence of Waves is nearly architectural, with its alternating solid and hollow volumes and transparencies. The  soothing light effects - overlaps and reflections - fill the whole surrounding space.

design becomes versatile


Waves' structure is based on modules: the composition can suit all different needs. Each rack connects to the lower one thanks to its functional shape. Easy to stack, Waves takes up little room when not in use.

manual assembly


As in all Madea products, manual skills play a fundamental role in the manufacture of Waves: every part is hand-glued with extreme precision.


drag to rotate
Choose a color
drag to animate
transparency & modularity


Modular bottle rack, stackable to meet any capacity need. It can hold 9 to 14 bottles in the 3 or 4 racks version. Available in the following colours: redcurrant, petrol blue, smoke-grey, dégradé yellow ochre, dégradé petrol blue.



Waves kit 4
Waves kit 4
Waves kit 3
Waves kit 3